English Learner Identification

The enrollment or registration process is to be completed at the child’s home school. As part of this process, a home language survey is completed for every child enrolling and used as a language screening tool. All students are fully registered before any ESL Program eligibility assessment is done. 

Based on information provided, the enrolling school registrar notifies the ESL staff. From there the ESL staff will begin the process of determining if the student meets identification requirements for ESL services. Students will be assessed using the grade level appropriate WIDA Assessment Placement Test (WAP-T).  Parents will receive notification of results and, if applicable, and parents/guardians grant permission, then formally scheduled ESL services can begin.

The ESL staff works with guidance counselors and building administrators to ensure ELLs are properly scheduled into classes that support the student's current proficiency and progress the student toward successful graduation.  At the start of each year, ESL staff meets with each student’s teacher and his/her language proficiency is discussed along with accommodations and strategies to assist the student. 


ESL Common Terms