The New Kent School Board budget process begins in October with the updating of enrollment projections.  The budget is constructed through a series of meetings with both central office and school administrators.  The Superintendent's recommended budget is sent to the School Board for approval in March and if approved on to the Board of Supervisors. The budget is adopted following the adoption of a budget by the Board of Supervisors, which typically occurs in late spring. Please send any feedback, suggestions, or concerns regarding the budget or the budget process to [email protected].

You may click below to view the budget documents:

Fiscal Year 2024 NKCPS Documents
-Superintendent's Proposed Budget Update  February 6, 2023
-Superintendent's Proposed Budget  March 6, 2023
-Superintendent's Recommended Budget File
-Superintendent's Proposed Budget Update  March 27, 2023
-Superintendent's Proposed Budget Update  April 17, 2023
-Superintendent's Approved Budget File
Fiscal Year 2023 NKCPS Adopted Budget
Fiscal Year 2022 NKCPS Adopted Budget
Fiscal Year 2021 NKCPS Adopted Budget
Fiscal Year 2020 NKCPS Adopted Budget