New Kent County Public Schools serve the students of New Kent County, a rural community nestled between the cities of Richmond and Williamsburg. NKCPS delivers instruction to approximately 3300 students in grades pre-K through 12. The primary mission of NKCPS is to provide a supportive learning environment where all students are creative in their work, caring for others, and engaged in higher order thinking.  

NKCPS faculty, staff, and administrators aspire to inspire, engage, and empower students by providing relevant, engaging learning experiences to encourage higher order thinking, innovation, and lifelong learning; providing a safe, supportive, inclusive environment focused on community engagement, civic responsibility, and global awareness; and providing a quality education for all students through the effective, efficient, and accountable use of resources.  

Graduates of NKCPS are skilled communicators, collaborators, ethical and global stewards, creative and critical thinkers, and goal-directed and resilient individuals. NKCPS seeks to ensure that each student develops a post-graduate plan that includes enrollment, enlistment, and/or employment to develop productive members of society.