Teacher of the Year Winners Announced
Teacher of the Year Winners Announced
Posted on 01/11/2023
Graphic that states CONGRATS!On Friday, January 6th, division and school leaders surprised the building Teacher of the Year winners. On Wednesday, January 11th, the Division Teacher of the Year, Mr. John Aughenbaugh of New Kent High School, was announced and recognized. He will represent New Kent County Public Schools at the state level of the competition. See information about all of our winners below:

George W. Watkins Elementary Teacher of the Year: Ms. Carol Ann Dickerson

Ms. Krejcarek, Ms. Sutton, Ms. Dickerson, and Dr. Nichols pose for a photo

Ms. Carol Ann Dickerson has been a music teacher for over 10 years. She believes that music is a universal language that connects people across cultures and nations, allowing them to express and feel in ways that can transcend the written word. Ms. Dickerson is such a positive light at GWES. This year alone, she has conducted two evening programs, run weekly chorus practices before school, and even had her bucket-drumming club perform at the School Board office. If that wasn't enough, she was awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars Teacher of the Year for Post 7176. She allows students to feel successful through music, and GWES could not be more honored to have her represent their school this year.

New Kent Elementary Teacher of the Year: Ms. Theresa Nash

A paraprofessional, Dr. Nichols, Ms. Nash, Dr. Stamm, and Dr. Odea pose for a photo

Ms. Nash, NKES Early Learning Program teacher, is a veteran teacher at NKES, and we are so fortunate to have her serving our youngest students in New Kent County. Every day, Ms. Nash shares her passion and commitment to doing what is best for kids. Certified in early childhood special education, Ms. Nash is a dynamic teacher who is instrumental in using her knowledge and expertise to ensure she meets the needs of all learners. Ms. Nash is a major asset to the school and the community, and NKES is so grateful to have her as a part of the family. Thanks are due to Ms. Nash for all that she does to grow our youngest children in NKCPS.

Quinton Elementary Teacher of the Year: Ms. Melissa George

Dr. Nichols, Ms. George, Ms. Pilger, Ms. Lawler, and Ms. Swynford pose for a photo

Quinton Elementary School is thrilled to announce Ms. Melissa George as their inaugural Teacher of the Year! Ms. George is QES' K-2 cross-categorical special education teacher and the schoolwide special education leader. Ms. George not only works to meet the needs of her own students but also works tirelessly to support all special education students. She provides resources, tips, and even works with students on other caseloads. Ms. George is always positive and has a "students first" mindset. Teachers praise Ms. George for always being available for help. 

New Kent Middle Teacher of the Year: Ms. Erika St. Dennis

Dr. Nichols, Ms. Foss, Mr. Kuper, Ms. St. Dennis, and Mr. Wheeler pose for a photo

Congratulations to Ms. Erika St. Dennis, world language teacher, for being named the 22-23 NKMS Teacher of the Year! Ms. St. Dennis is an incredibly talented teacher who always demonstrates enthusiasm, kindness, and respect to her students. She is a great listener and always provides insightful guidance and advice to students and staff. Ms. St. Dennis is supportive in the classroom, and she gives her students every opportunity to succeed by engaging them in meaningful learning experiences. As the fine arts/world language department chair, she is a passionate leader who is always calm and encouraging. 

New Kent High and Division Teacher of the Year: Mr. John Aughenbaugh

Ms. James, Ms. Strickland, Dr. Nichols, Mr. Aughenbaugh, and Mr. Valdrighi pose for a photo

It is with great pleasure that NKHS announces that Mr. John Aughenbaugh is the building and NKCPS Division Teacher of the Year. Mr. Aughenbaugh consistently surpasses expectations in the pursuit of excellence in his classroom. His knowledge of the material he teaches cannot be understated; he teaches five of the seven CTE courses offered at NKHS. Mr. Aughenbaugh is popular with students, faculty, parents, and administration, and he teaches with integrity, honesty, and kindness. Mr. Aughenbaugh engages his students by letting them know that he cares; he takes on many special projects. With persistence, Mr. Aughenbaugh has asked for and received many donations of material from local vendors because some of the projects students want to create require materials that are unaffordable for most high school classrooms. Mr. Aughenbaugh works with students in his classroom to challenge themselves and to learn that failure and persistence are the keys to learning and innovation. He works rigor into his program so that all students are challenged by project and by design. He is a mentor to many and a friend to all.