Online School Fees Payment

Online School Fee Payment Site

Pay your student obligations and fees throughout the year online through Online School Payments. There is a 4% + $0.35 per transaction convenience fee for this service. For further information please contact your school bookkeeper.

At the beginning of the school year, each MS and HS student has a Chromebook and Information Access fee, along with other course related and class fees as applicable. You can access this information by clicking “Pay Obligation” on the home page. You will be prompted to either sign in as an existing user or create an account.

You will be prompted to add a student to your profile using their name and
student ID.

Once you have added a student to your profile you are able to select them from the drop down list.

Select a student and you will notice their obligations populate at the bottom of the screen. Click these items to view the total prior to adding them to your cart. 

You can also click on your school name in the toolbar to view additional items available for payment. Click items you wish to include and add them to your cart.

To complete your transaction, click on your cart in the upper right hand corner to view your items and finalize payment. You are able to remove or update items and refresh your total prior to checking out.

Follow the prompt to assign any optional items in your cart to a student profile if applicable before continuing to the billing information.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can contact the bookkeeper at your school.

New Kent Elementary
Donna Mathis
George Watkins Elementary
Kathy Burke
Quinton Elementary 
Michele Marshall
New Kent Middle
Barbara Duckett
New Kent High
Brittany Bell