SOL Test Scores Available Through PowerSchool
SOL Test Scores Available Through PowerSchool
Posted on 05/01/2023
SOL Test Scores Are Now Viewable By Parents New Kent County Public Schools has implemented an important update regarding the accessibility of student SOL (Standards of Learning) test scores for the current testing window. The Department of Education (DOE) claim codes can now be accessed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal, enabling parents and guardians to view their child's individual test scores.

We understand that staying updated on a child's academic progress is crucial for parents and guardians, and this feature aims to provide convenient access to their SOL test scores. By using the DOE claim codes, parents and guardians will be able to retrieve valuable information about their student's performance, allowing them to support their student's educational journey effectively.

To access your student's SOL test scores, please follow these steps:

1. Visit the Powerschool Parent Portal:

2. Log in using your unique credentials.

3. Once logged in, navigate to the "VADOE Claim Codes” section. This is only available using a web browser. This will not be an option in the Parent Portal mobile app.

4. Follow the instructions on that page to access the Pearson Assessment Portal.

5. Enter the DOE claim code associated with your student's SOL test scores for the current testing window. Please note that each test will have a specific code, so make sure you input the correct one.

6. After entering the claim code, click on the "Submit" or "Access Scores" button to retrieve the information.

7. You will then be able to view your student's SOL test scores for the current testing window, which can provide valuable insights into their performance and areas of focus.

We encourage parents and guardians to review their child's scores and take the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about their academic progress with their teachers. These scores can offer a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and areas where they may require additional support.

If you have questions regarding how to access the Virginia Assessment Parent Portal or your child’s test results, please contact Dana Gumm at [email protected].