New Kent Elementary School 
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Jessica Roper, Remle Sherman, Theresa Nash, Lauren Birkhead

 Supply List

Baby wipes                                                   Backpack (large enough to hold folder)

Box of tissues                                               Clorox antibacterial wipes (not baby wipes)
Clorox Anywhere Spray                              Nap time blanket
(full day students)
Liquid antibacterial soap                             Rest time mats

Glue sticks                                                    12 Count box of Crayons
8 Count box of markers                              Change of clothes (include underwear and socks)
Ziplock baggies (girls – snack or sandwich size; boys – quart or gallon size

Diapers/pull-ups (if applicable)                    Pencil Box

We eat breakfast and lunch at school. You may send or buy either. We also have an afternoon snack each day after nap. Please remember to send one for your child. You are welcome to send things in bulk to last a while and we will let you know when his/her supply is low.

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Programs for Preschoolers
Early Childhood Special Education
Head Start
Identification Process
Preschool Inclusion Project


Mrs. Sherman

Ms. Birkhead

Mrs. Nash

Ms. Roper

New Kent Elementary School 2009-2010 school year